Stand By Your Man?

As the lurid news continues to unfold surrounding Paul Ross and his drug-taking and gay affair, my heart goes out to his wife and mother of his four children. She has decided (at least for the time being) to stand by her man. Whilst some may find this incomprehensible, I can understand only too well how a mother’s instinct to keep her family together can kick in at a time of extreme crisis – even faced with the news of such humiliating indiscretions. When I first learned of my (ex) husband’s affair, my instinct was the same; in order to keep my precious family together I,too, would have stood by my man. In my case my decision was irrelevant – he’d made up his mind to leave. Later I realised what a huge compromise it would have been for me to accept his behaviour and continue with the marriage – who knows if I would have succeeded, or been happy living with the lies and betrayal. But I would say that you never know what you’d do until or unless you are faced with that situation, so it remains for me to wish her well in the painful throes of this very public dilemma. I hope that – at the very least – she has plenty of support and some expert, impartial advice to help her decide what’s best for her and the children.

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