The Gift of Relaxation

I know only too well how elusive relaxation can be for a single mum. There’s always something to do, someone to take care of or someone to worry about and it’s very hard to make yourself relax, even if it’s just what the doctor ordered. The fact is that the more you take care of yourself, the better you’ll be able to take care of your children and a burnt out, stressed-out version of you is little use to anyone. Whatever trials or turmoil is going on in your life right now, you owe it to yourself and your kids to learn how to relax and recharge your batteries. I am a trained hypnosis practitioner and I have used hypnosis with clients in person, on the phone or Skype or via a recording to help them improve many aspects of their lives. It’s a wonderful tool to bypass the busy rational brain and speak to the subconscious mind, enabling recipients to relax and take on board beneficial suggestions while they go on a lovely daydream. I’m just the tour guide, helping you to help yourself to deeply relax and allow positive shifts to take place in your patterns of thought.

Whatever your thoughts, hopes and plans this Christmas, I’d like to help you to make it as stress-free as possible, as well as passing on a few treats just for you. I’ll be sending you a little something every day between now and Christmas Eve. 

Today’s gift is the gift of 30 minutes relaxation, via this relaxation and anxiety release hypnosis track I recorded. This kind of hypnosis is merely designed to take you to a state of deep relaxation, so it’s best to listen to it just before you go to sleep, or when you have half an hour to yourself when you are fairly certain you won’t be disturbed. Never listen to a hypnosis track while driving or operating machinery. It’s best if you are sitting comfortably, or lying down. Headphones will give you the best experience. If you need to awaken, you will do so easily but in the meantime, just relax and enjoy the journey. Please note, due to the length of the file, Google cannot scan it for viruses and therefore it will ask you whether you wish to download it. Rest assured, it’s virus free, so just click “download anyway” and settle down to listen.

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If you would like my help and advice over the Christmas period, do visit my website, where you can find a free audio on Coping with Christmas or sign up for a free one to one session with me.


Valentine’s Day – a Single Mum’s Nightmare?

Whether you feel it’s a commercially-motivated, overrated event or a time to express true love, it’s hard to ignore Valentine’s Day. This is especially true when you’re single! So how can you celebrate the day and get something valuable out of it, rather than sitting home alone this evening and bemoaning your date-less existence?

I have two suggestions for your consideration. The first is to sit down with a pen and paper and write out a detailed and comprehensive Perfect Partner list. Now, to begin with this may seem like rubbing salt into the wound but just bear with me… By committing all the desirable attitudes of your perfect partner to paper you are attracting to you that which you yearn for. It may not happen overnight, but when he shows up at least you’ll be able to recognise him from your list! Make sure you are focusing on what you want, however, not what you don’t want – or it may have quite the reverse effect! Then, being brutally honest with yourself, write down the kind of person you need to be to be in order to attract somebody like this into your life. This is to remind you that a great relationship relies on two people showing up and putting in equal effort, attitude and commitment.

My second suggestion is to make a date with yourself, to really show yourself the love and appreciation you deserve. You don’t need to wait for someone else to cherish you – why not get started straight away?Join me live online this coming Wednesday at 8 pm GMT when I interview Sophrology Teacher Florence Parot. We’ll be exploring how to sleep better, boost our energy and alleviate stress. She’ll actually guide us through some easy exercises, too. So make a date and treat yourself – your kids will thank you for it!

Your next free webinar, with special guest Florence Parot – Burnout, Stress and Sleep expert, Sophrology Teacher.

Florence Parot

Special Guest Florence Parot

Wed 18th February 2015, 8 pm GMT.
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Meditation equals Inspiration!

I was reminded today just how beneficial meditation can be. Have you tried it yet? Once considered the preserve of the peace and love clan, some believed you had to be wearing orange robes or belong to a hippy commune to really qualify. These days everyone claims to be doing it. Business leaders swear by it and scientists claim that it increases mental capacity, improves your attention span and resilience. Devotees declare that it decreases anxiety, stress and even depression, whilst boosting your ability to gain a balanced perspective. But can all these extravagant claims really be true? And don’t you need several hours and a mountain retreat to really achieve that state of calm, peace and heightened awareness sometimes referred to as the Alpha State?

The good news is that all you need is a little practice and some good instructions. You will even gain tremendously from just devoting a few minutes a day. It’s free, it’s freeing and it does wonders for every area of your life.  After a day of guided meditation, I arrived home feeling energised, inspired and rested. In a few short hours hours I then achieved all the tasks that I wanted to complete today. Far from regretting spending the day focused on myself (which you’ll know can feel tremendously selfish as a mother) it reinforced for me that women are so good at taking care of others and worrying about the needs of their families, they sometimes forget to nurture themselves. So taking the time out actually makes the rest of your time more productive, peaceful and rewarding. It also means you have more to give to your loved ones. Sound too good to be true? Join me live online this coming Wednesday at 8 pm GMT when I interview Meditation Teacher Samantha Goodchild. We’ll be discussing how meditation can help you to increase relaxation and reduce anxiety. She’ll actually guide us through some easy exercises, too. So make a date and treat yourself – your kids will thank you for it!

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Wed 4th February 2015, 8 pm GMT.
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