Into Every Life Some Rain Must Fall

It’s been a strange sort of day here – cold one minute, hot the next, periods of brilliant sunshine interspersed with showers or on occasion (as was the case when I walked my dog) both at the same time! It  reminded me of life in general, not to mention the expression “Into every life some rain must fall”. When I think about the single mums I know (many of whose stories feature in my book) and even my own experiences as a single mother, it wouldn’t just be a case of some rain falling…it could better be described as a flood or even a tidal wave some days! So how, exactly, does one learn how to weather the storm?  It’s one of the main reasons that I wrote the book and also why I trained as an NLP and hypnosis practitioner. Once I had made it through to the other side I wanted to reach back and help other single mums through. Like my walk today – sometimes you can’t see the rainbow but you need to learn to trust that it will be there and that’s where I come in!

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