Postpone Your Panic

Today we continue to explore Mary Morrissey’s seminar on building your dreams.  As a coach and NLP practitioner myself, I particularly love this next concept and use it during client sessions because it will bring up so much resistance when you first even dare to consider it, yet the rewards when you follow this technique could literally turn your life around. So: suspend your judgement for a moment and dive right in…

Imagine if you will that every single circumstance in your life is neutral – it only becomes good or bad when you decide it is so. Hang on a minute, I hear you cry. What about all the bad things that happened to me?The fact is, nobody can tell you not to have an opinion and when the dust has settled, maybe then you’ll be in a position to work out what you really think. Now, and just for now, you can just press your internal “PAUSE” button. You can postpone your panic until you’ve had some time to live with the aftermath of the event. Try waiting for a few days and then consider how you might use this circumstance to leverage your greater good. Perhaps  there’s a lesson here, something you were meant to learn that could change your whole life for the better. The great payoff here in terms of your emotional well-being is that you don’t have to wait for a condition to change in order to feel better – you can start right now.

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