The End of The World As You Know It

Sound dramatic? That’s how it feels when you’re dealing with a breakup, whether it’s your decision or his (but especially if it’s his).

Today I took my visiting Spanish student to the new Tom Cruise film, Edge of Tomorrow. Without giving too much of the plot away, Cruise’s character gets lots of chances to improve the drastic situation he finds himself in. But only if he dies first.

To me – and to many of the single mums who tell their stories in the pages of my book – the end of my relationship did indeed feel like a death. The curious thing is, though, that like the character in the film, we all (in different ways) found that this gave us a unique opportunity to start again, wipe the slate clean and improve our situation. I want all single mums out there who are going through those nightmare early days to use the book as a resource, to get through to the other side. Writing the book certainly changed my life – and I hope that reading it will change your life for the better, too.

I’m launching my book, “THE SINGLE MUM’S SURVIVAL GUIDE – How To Pick Up The Pieces and Build a Happy New Life” on Friday 4th July, 7.30 – 9.00 pm at The Steyning Bookshop, 106 High Street, Steyning, West Sussex. If you’d like to come and meet me and get your signed copy, come and join me for a glass of wine and some nibbles and you’re welcome to bring a friend.


It’s Not Fair

As a single mum, particularly in the early days, when you are still adjusting to the situation, it becomes all too easy to spend your time bitterly bemoaning your fate. “It’s not fair, why me? What have I done to deserve this?” You wistfully imagine just how much rosier life would be if you were in a relationship. Then everything would be better. You wouldn’t be worrying about making ends meet, or dealing with lawyers, or finding childcare, or dealing with all this emotional upheaval. If only you had a loving partner,then everything would be OK.

The truth is that it’s not just what happens to you, it’s how you deal with it that counts. Sure, you’ve had a basinful, but there are ways to deal with those challenges that will minimise your stress. It’s why I wrote the book and why I have included chapters on the most common issues that single mums face – dealing with the breakup, keeping your head above water financially, the legal stuff, all the emotional and practical help that I wish I’d had at the time. My book is for you, so that this time in your life can become one of your proudest achievements and a chance to create the life you deserve.

“THE SINGLE MUMS SURVIVAL GUIDE – How To Pick Up The Pieces and Build a Happy New Life” is available to order on Amazon and hits the shops on 1st July. If you’d like to come and meet me and get a signed copy of the book, come along to The Steyning Bookshop, The High Street, Steyning, West Sussex on Friday 4th July at 7.30 pm. We’ll be celebrating, so there’ll be wine and nibbles and you’re welcome to bring a guest.

Into Every Life Some Rain Must Fall

It’s been a strange sort of day here – cold one minute, hot the next, periods of brilliant sunshine interspersed with showers or on occasion (as was the case when I walked my dog) both at the same time! It  reminded me of life in general, not to mention the expression “Into every life some rain must fall”. When I think about the single mums I know (many of whose stories feature in my book) and even my own experiences as a single mother, it wouldn’t just be a case of some rain falling…it could better be described as a flood or even a tidal wave some days! So how, exactly, does one learn how to weather the storm?  It’s one of the main reasons that I wrote the book and also why I trained as an NLP and hypnosis practitioner. Once I had made it through to the other side I wanted to reach back and help other single mums through. Like my walk today – sometimes you can’t see the rainbow but you need to learn to trust that it will be there and that’s where I come in!

“THE SINGLE MUM’S SURVIVAL GUIDE – How To Pick Up The Pieces and Build a Happy New Life” is available to order on Amazon. Visit my website: