Divorce Do’s and Don’ts – Straight From The Lawyer’s Mouth!

 In the old days lawyers- and particularly divorce lawyers – often had a bad reputation. Proof of this lies in the plethora of lawyer jokes…here’s one I found online just now: A man says to a lawyer “If I give you £500, will you answer two questions?” “Absolutely”, says the lawyer. “what was your second question?”

Although I’ve certainly met some of the old-style legal professionals (not too long ago I had a meeting with one of them regarding a possible collaboration and once she’d finished interrogating me I felt like I’d been in the dock and also in need of a stiff drink) the new face of the law is younger, fresher and far more friendly. Recent changes in the law have also ushered in an Age of Enlightenment in Family Law. I have been fortunate enough to have worked with someone who represents the future and who is helping to put collaborative law on the map. 

Gemma Hope picIn her excellent piece for my book, Gemma Hope gives fantastic advice on navigating the legal process. For my next seminar I’ll be catching up with her again to discover the current legal situation and discuss the Do’s and Don’ts of divorce and separation. Join us this coming Wednesday at 8 pm GMT – after all, knowledge is power and it’s time to get informed.

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