Vivienne Sandra Smith

Bio: I am a writer, trainer, presenter, transformational coach and certified NLP and Hypnosis practitioner. I'm also a Regional Director of the Athena Network, an international business networking, training and development organisation for women. Once upon a time I was perfectly happy - complacent, even. But then my world came crashing down and I was suddenly a single mum of two small children, losing sleep over how to pay the bills. My health suffered and my weight yoyo-ed as I tried to get my life in order. Luckily I’d done a lot of personal development through books and CDs and with the help of skilled practitioners. The things I learned allowed me to retain my sanity, self-esteem and sense of humour and to help my children get through the experience. I discovered how to release the traumatic experiences and emotions that were holding me back, get my weight under control and find more fun, fulfilment and balance in my life. I married for the third time and thought I'd finally found my "Happy Ever After" until, 7 years of marriage down the line, my lovely husband went through the mother of all mid life crises, leaving my life in chaos once again! Because I know from personal experience how challenging life can be this allows me to empathise with my clients’ and readers’ problems and worries and I love to help them create the life they deserve. My experience as a single mum prompted me to write a book about the subject. It has been the fulfilment of a long term ambition to turn what was at the time a negative and distressing experience into an opportunity to help others get through similar challenges. I live with my two sons in beautiful West Sussex, on the south coast of England.

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