Clear out Your Wardrobe Clutter Before You Hit The Sales!

t shirtsThis year some clothes shops have begun their sales already but it’s traditional for retailers to discount after Christmas and then millions of women will be pounding the pavements in search of that elusive treasure – a complete bargain that not only fits and suits you perfectly, but is also good enough quality to last more than a few washes! Here’s my suggestion – why not de-clutter your current wardrobe to make some space for all your new clothes?

It’s a fact that we wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. This means that 80% of your clothes are just hanging in your wardrobe or closet taking up valuable space. To avoid making those mistakes again, let’s look at what made you buy them in the first place. Perhaps they seemed to be a bargain at the time but when you got them home you realised that it was a false economy because you didn’t actually like them. Or after a few washes they shrank or behaved strangely when you wore them (twisting, slipping or riding up when you least wanted them to!) Maybe the colour was draining to your complexion, the style too prim or outrageous, or the cut actually did make your bum look big. Or perhaps they were just too uncomfortable to contemplate wearing more than on just the odd occasion. Every item in your wardrobe should be a flattering shade for your colouring, a perfect style for your personality and the right shape for your shape. Above all, clothes currently hanging in your wardrobe should be the right size for the size you are now. Don’t buy for the size you will be once you’ve completed your diet and exercise regime – and don’t leave them hanging in your cupboard as a silent daily reproach that this toning and tightening of your body has taken you longer than hoped because they’re still a size or two too small. When you are assessing which clothes to evict from your wardrobe, bear this in mind: (unless it a balldress, a hat or ski wear), if you haven’t worn it for the last year, chances are you never will. Store it in the attic if you must, but otherwise: dump it, donate it, sell it or swap it.

If you would like more help with creating that ideal capsule wardrobe, today I have two gifts for you (UK readers only).

Find out your most flattering colours for clothes, hair and make-up. This fascinating 2 hour session will give you the knowledge and confidence to choose the right colours to look your absolute best. Email me at and tell me why you think it’s time to bring colour into your life. The best answer wins a free Colour Confidence session at my studio here in West Sussex.

If you already know what suits you: to fill in the gaps in your wardrobe and make it a colourful Christmas, check out this website: Then call me on 07811956146 to order your garments, as I can get you a 5% discount, plus free Postage & Packing.single mum's survival guide logo


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