Meditation equals Inspiration!

I was reminded today just how beneficial meditation can be. Have you tried it yet? Once considered the preserve of the peace and love clan, some believed you had to be wearing orange robes or belong to a hippy commune to really qualify. These days everyone claims to be doing it. Business leaders swear by it and scientists claim that it increases mental capacity, improves your attention span and resilience. Devotees declare that it decreases anxiety, stress and even depression, whilst boosting your ability to gain a balanced perspective. But can all these extravagant claims really be true? And don’t you need several hours and a mountain retreat to really achieve that state of calm, peace and heightened awareness sometimes referred to as the Alpha State?

The good news is that all you need is a little practice and some good instructions. You will even gain tremendously from just devoting a few minutes a day. It’s free, it’s freeing and it does wonders for every area of your life.  After a day of guided meditation, I arrived home feeling energised, inspired and rested. In a few short hours hours I then achieved all the tasks that I wanted to complete today. Far from regretting spending the day focused on myself (which you’ll know can feel tremendously selfish as a mother) it reinforced for me that women are so good at taking care of others and worrying about the needs of their families, they sometimes forget to nurture themselves. So taking the time out actually makes the rest of your time more productive, peaceful and rewarding. It also means you have more to give to your loved ones. Sound too good to be true? Join me live online this coming Wednesday at 8 pm GMT when I interview Meditation Teacher Samantha Goodchild. We’ll be discussing how meditation can help you to increase relaxation and reduce anxiety. She’ll actually guide us through some easy exercises, too. So make a date and treat yourself – your kids will thank you for it!

Your next free webinar, with special guest Sam Goodchild, Meditation Teacher.
Wed 4th February 2015, 8 pm GMT.
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