There are days where everything you stand for and all you know is called into question. How do you protect yourself against the doubts, criticisms and judgements of others and hang on to what you know to be right and true? Rather than reacting in a knee-jerk fashion, my advice is to slow down, take a breath and go deep within to that feeling place – that place in your body where your gut instinct, your intuition lives. This is going to be your bedrock, your solid foundation which makes you unshakeable. Tuning out the voices of others and the pressing demands of external events takes a bit of practice. Trusting yourself can do, too. When you act and make decisions from here you are armed with the courage of your convictions and the calm of a clear conscience. You may have been knocked sideways but you’ll quickly regain your footing and move forward once more. You can do this.

“THE SINGLE MUM’S SURVIVAL GUIDE – How To Pick Up The Pieces and Build a Happy New Life” is available now on Amazon and in selected bookshops. Find out about coaching, download the free audio “How to Pick Up The Pieces”or attend one of my free webinars and presentations – email me at vivienne@thelifeyoudeserve.co.uk for more details, or visit http://www.thesinglemumssurvivalguide.com

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