Don’t Get Bitter, Get Better – Living With The Scars

I watched an incredible woman interviewed today. As a nine year old child, she was accidentally set alight during a horrific accident with a camping stove whilst mucking around with a group of friends and suffered 75 % burns. So badly burned was she that at one point her head fused with her chest and surgeons had to reconstruct her neck. She also lost her ears when they unwrapped her facial bandages. Now middle aged, she is happily married with a wonderful daughter, a rewarding job and a remarkable take on life. “Don’t get bitter, get better” is one of her mottoes. She explained how she wears a bikini on the beach and is unfazed by the stares she regularly receives from passers by. Why let the judgement of strangers stop you from fully enjoying every single moment of your life?

As she pointed out, we all have scars – it’s just that hers are visible. “Don’t get bitter, get better” and don’t let anything (or anyone) stop you from living a full and happy life.

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