Routines – Bore or Blessing?

OK, so I’m a creative person, a free spirit, spontaneous, fun; routines are for boring people, routines are dreary and dull…or so I used to think. I have to admit though that over the years I’ve come to realise that if I’d embraced routines earlier in my life I would have made things an awful lot easier for myself when I was a single mum! Routines are very helpful when bringing up children because they save you all a lot of stress at the last minute. Routines I especially love at present are my son’s launch pad, where he gets things ready for school the next day and a similar process I have for planning my clothes, packing my bag or briefcase and mentally (or physically, on my “to do” list) ticking off things I’ll need for the next day – especially if I have an early start. I’ve also come to love coming down to a clean kitchen in the morning, with all of last night’s supper things washed up or loaded into the dishwasher. It’s the little things in life that get you down (think how much damage a mosquito can do!) but it’s also the little things that build you up and help you fly.

On Thursday 11th September I am co-hosting a free seminar in Brighton with a family lawyer, a financial planner and a mortgage broker. It’s your chance to get informed with free and friendly advice about the best way to deal with financial, legal and accommodation issues you may be facing – not to mention the steps you’ll need to take to build a happy new life. I’ll also be signing copies of my book. So come along for coffee and cake and a chance to “get savvy”! It’s free – all you need to do is to choose the best time for you (10 am – 12 or 7 pm – 9 pm) and book your place by emailing or ringing 01273 223220. See you on the other side…

My book, “THE SINGLE MUM’S SURVIVAL GUIDE – How To Pick Up The Pieces and Build a Happy New Life” is available on Amazon and selected bookshops. For your free audio download entitled “How To Build a Happy New Life”, please fill in your name and email in the form below. 

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