The Root of all Evil?

We often hear that money is the biggest bone of contention when couples argue. Usually there’s too little to go around, one person works for it and another spends it – or maybe one partner errs on the side of caution whilst the other believes that you can’t take it with you, so you might as well enjoy it!

It’s when couples separate that the “fun” really begins…who gets the house? What about the pension? Pension, what pension? How much maintenance is reasonable and what does it cover? Who pays for birthday presents? Holidays? School trips? It’s enough to drive a single mum to tears, the bottle or the psychiatrist’s couch (in no particular order!)

For the finance chapter of the book I asked my single mums for their strategies, as well as getting excellent suggestions from Money Coach Wilma Allan, The Money Midwife. This period of your life could be the absolute making of you – a chance to learn powerful new ways of managing your money (and your money mindset) both now and in the future.


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