My House, My Rules

Just the other day, I was tempted to utter that cliched phrase “My house, my rules!” It’s one of those things that parents have always said, and teenagers swear they will never say when it’s their turn…

I know that all my friends with teenage children are finding this a bewildering time. What do you say as a mother when faced with the intricate minefield of boyfriends and girlfriends, sleepovers and physical intimacy? How soon is too soon? What age is old enough and how young is too young?

What I do know from my many conversations with other mothers on this topic (as well as my memories of being a teenager myself) is that by being too censorious, you simply give the message to your teenage children that they must keep things a secret from you and once that happens, you lose all chance to influence them to follow a safe and sensible path.

Keep those channels open and have faith in your abilities as a mother- you can get through this!

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