Make Them Play While The Sun Shines

Today my husband and I went on a long (for me, anyway!) 10 mile bike ride. I was missing my boys – as they were at their dad’s this weekend. It was such a glorious day today and it was almost as if Mother Nature had dressed up in all her finery for us. On the riverbank we cycled past sailboats and canoes and some kind of raft that you stand on and paddle (what are they called? It’s a new sport to me). Lancing College Chapel presided grandly in all its Gothic splendour over the hazy summer landscape and the river below. And everywhere we went there were people of all ages on bikes or walking their dogs – including families walking slowly so little ones could keep up, or stopping for a picnic and to enjoy the view. When we stopped at a pub for lunch there were children running round the garden, having fun on the playground apparatus. There was a tiny baby being passed around admiring friends by a proud new mother.

My reflections today are really all about encouraging your children to enjoy the great outdoors before the joys of technology lure them inside to the Xbox and their computer games. Even then, persuade them somehow to get some fresh air and get the benefits of the Vitamin D! It can be done and you’ll be able to polish your halo!

photo 2

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