Sneak a Bit Of Me Time

When I spoke to single mums for my book, one of the topics we covered was the importance of having a break, getting some “me time”. One lady made the point that there was no chance of respite for her, as there was nobody to take over. If that applies to you, you may just need to be creative and snatch a few moments when you can. It may be that your child goes to school or nursery for at least some of the day (or if they are not old enough yet, it may be that you can offer to look after someone else’s child for an hour or two, in exchange for a return favour of some adult time another day for you). There may not be enough time to do much more than grab a quick coffee with a couple of friends. Today I had a busy day of meetings but I had a couple of hours in between other appointments and an invitation to join three of my girlfriends for a cup of tea and a catch-up. Yes, I could have come home instead and got on with some admin work and yes, it meant that I just had to catch up on that once I’d cooked the boys their supper and walked the dog – but I’m still glad I did. A couple of hours of sharing stories of our children and catching up on everyone’s news and I felt like a new woman. There’s nothing more restorative than spending time with people who like you, understand you and want only good things for you. Then you’ll be ready to conquer the world – and single motherhood – all over again!

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