An All Or Nothing Kinda Girl

That’s me – or at least: I do have a part of me with all or nothing tendencies. Take today, for instance. I was standing in my kitchen this morning, waiting for the kettle to boil and contemplating the fact that the oven could probably do with a clean. Before I knew it, I’d unearthed all the parts to that steam cleaner I succumbed to a few months back. To be honest, I think the incredibly long adverts just wore me down in the end and I became convinced that it would solve all my housework problems and every surface would be as unnaturally shiny as the ones on the TV. They didn’t mention the dripping, gooey pools of liquid that ensue, or the fact that there’s so much steam that it’s impossible to actually see what you are doing! Still, I’m sure that sticking your head in an oven full of steam must be almost the equivalent of an expensive steam facial and could even do wonders for my pores.The trouble is, that once I started, I couldn’t seem to stop. I realised that all the oven racks and baking trays needed doing, and then there was that annoying shelf under the oven itself…

Not content with that, I remembered that the chicken carcass from last night’s roast was still sitting in the fridge and I’d promised myself to make a homemade chicken soup from scratch. The problem was, I couldn’t find any stock cubes to add to the mix, but figured that carrots, onion, celery salt, tomato purée and the chicken would be flavoursome enough. All day it sat, bubbling away in my slow cooker, smelling delicious, but after painstakingly straining it and picking out the bones and bay leaves, blending it thoroughly (as per my picky eldest son’s tastes- God forbid that there should be any discernible slices of onion in there!) and serving it up proudly with pasta for the family tonight, I had to concede that the time and effort had barely been worth it, as it was disappointingly lacking in flavour.

I should have chosen a much quicker meal and everyone would have been just as happy. Not only that, but the hours of scrubbing and steaming this morning have given me such a thorough upper body workout that I’ve had to take a couple of painkillers! So as I sit here in my kitchen I reflect that just occasionally I should remember to pace myself a little, that I can still take care of my family without knocking myself out! Single mums, take note!

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