Making Memories

This weekend is a Bank Holiday weekend in the UK. This will be my 37th blog straight and I’m going to allow myself the weekend off, so I can go off and make some happy memories with my family! So far our plans are as follows: tomorrow my eldest son and his step dad are slaving away in the computer shop, so my youngest and I are going to an African Art exhibition where a colleague of mine will be demonstrating stone carving. My son and I are both keen artists (I drew all the illustrations for my current book) and it will be an inspiring treat to look around the exhibition, which includes photographs, paintings and fabrics. Then we will hotfoot it to lunch with my lovely Mum. As usual, we’ll look round her beautiful cottage garden and have a delicious meal. My little dog will get completely overexcited (he adores my mum) and run round and round the house in his favourite game of chase. If there’s time we’ll play carpet bowls and then, as usual when it’s time to go my mum will lament the fact that we never spend long enough. But I’ll feel happy nonetheless because I know that time spent as a family (whatever your family consists of) is priceless. In the evening we’ll all snuggle up on my bed and watch a thriller and I’ll try not to nod off after half an hour, as is my wont! And then there’ll still be two whole days to relax and have fun as a family and we’ll all return to work – and school – feeling refreshed and ready for whatever the week may throw at us. What are your plans? Remember, quality time happens automatically and naturally when you allow enough quantity of time – make the weekend count for you and your child to look back on and treasure and I’ll be checking in again on Tuesday to write my usual daily blog.

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