A Rich Inner Life

At my book club this evening we were discussing “Clever Girl” by Tessa Hadley. Although we all found the central character -herself a single mum- profoundly unsympathetic, the author described particularly well what it means to be clever and imaginative and how this needs to be nurtured. Indeed, I believe that this inner life of thoughts and daydreams and self-talk is especially vital for single mums. Somehow you can get through the hours of drudgery which are unavoidable with children if this aspect of you is alive and well. For me, one of my greatest treats was enjoying a glass of wine and a book whilst soaking in a long hot bath once both the boys were safely tucked up in bed. It restored me to adulthood after a day of baby talk and gave my poor brain a rest from its endless reliving of the day my life changed inexorably. If I wasn’t immersing myself in fiction then I wanted to read a book that would help me to find some answers to the endless “why”s and “what-if”s of the end of my 15 year relationship. One of the reasons that I wrote this book, however, was that at the time there just weren’t enough books that really spoke to me of what I was going through at the time. Sometimes I felt like reading something wry and lighthearted about life and love’s ups and downs, whereas on other occasions I really wanted some purely practical and no-nonsense advice written by someone who really knew single motherhood and who preferably spoke from personal experience.

“THE SINGLE MUM’S SURVIVAL GUIDE – How to Pick Up The Pieces and Build a Happy New Life” is available now on Amazon and hits the shops on 1st July.


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