Clear Out The Clutter

I like to have a good clear out and get rid of clutter on a regular basis; now, if truth be told some people will never have to do this because they never accumulate enough clutter in the first place. They move through life smoothly and efficiently, shedding the unnecessary as they go. But for me and a lot of women I know, there’s some clutter still left to clear. As a single mum you may have the physical effects of your old relationship – photos, valentines cards, mementoes of your time together.  Don’t be too hasty to purge here because there might be things like photos that your child may really appreciate having in the future- after all, this is documentation of family history. Perhaps they could live in the attic -out of sight- until your child might want to look through them, by which time they might not seem so painful to you to behold.  Then there’ll be the mental and emotional clutter – the pain, the hurt, the anger and the regrets. Isn’t it time you had a clear out, to make room for a happy new life? All the readers of my book are entitled to a free session with myself or one of my associate coaches. I’d like you to have the opportunity to clear out your clutter now. Haven’t you waited long enough?

“THE SINGLE MUM’S SURVIVAL GUIDE – How To Pick Up The Pieces and Build a Happy New Life” is available to order now on Amazon.


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