A Mother’s Pride

Today my tall and handsome 17 year old son excitedly shared with me his plans for the web design and internet marketing course he plans to attend on leaving school. I’m so proud of him and the young man he has become, as well as the productive and successful adult I’m sure he will be in the future. I look back to the time when his father left (my son was 3 years old then) and I first became a single mum. Being a parent has always felt like my most important job in life and days like this make it all worthwhile. Here is what some of the single mums in my book have to say:

 Louise So, I suppose somewhere along the line I’ve done a good job, with the immense help of my family, even though I haven’t got everything right. Somewhere along the line I did OK. Despite the most horrendous stuff that’s been thrown at us we have survived. Just always make sure that the kids are alright, no matter what.

Emer. That’s what got me out of being a flaky art student, the fact that I had this focus and it pushed me massively through life, and I’m extremely proud of everything that I’ve achieved. I’ve got my two degrees and I’ve got my MA and my post grad and now my teacher qualification and a good job. If I hadn’t had my daughter, none of that would have happened. Definitely not. I would be backpacking round Australia, working on some banana farm or something!

Elaine I could never regret marrying my ex because I’ve got these two wonderful children. So don’t regret what you’ve done in life.

As I state in the book, I do feel it’s a real achievement to have raised happy and productive people in our children and we should applaud ourselves and each other for the milestones we reach in parenting.

“Everything I am is because of my mom.”
—Sarah Michelle Gellar

“THE SINGLE MUM’S SURVIVAL GUIDE – How To Pick Up the Pieces and Build a Happy New Life” is available now on Amazon and will be available in bookshops on 1st July.


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