Ambition and Single Motherhood – Mutually Exclusive?

As women we know what a challenging task it is to juggle a career with motherhood and getting the balance right is no mean feat. There have been days where I’ve failed miserably. It would have been perfectly reasonable to give up when I was first a single mum  – particularly with such a small baby. However, working even part time was part of my self- recovery strategy. It gave me part of my self back that could easily have been swallowed up by the divorce, the stress and the sheer exhaustion of  getting through each day as a single mum. I remember chatting to a single mum I know about why working is so important to her. Apart from anything else, my friend was adamant that she wanted to set a good example to her son. Realising that you will be your child’s role model in a million ways, consider what lessons you are teaching them about work, money and what’s importance in life. My friend has taught her son the importance of gainful employment, striving and making a contribution.  What are your children learning from you?

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