Time to shine

As a mother, you know how easy it can be to put the family’s needs before your own until the day comes when you realise that  you are now way down at the bottom of a long list of priorities. Your own personal  appearance and grooming can be hard to find time for when you have to worry about everybody else’s. Besides, who has time for all that when you are a single mother? And yet, after some 20 years of giving advice on colour and style, I can honestly say it’s not about spending a long time – after all: getting dressed in the right clothes takes the same amount of time as getting dressed in the wrong clothes – it’s more about knowing what really works for you, fits and flatters you. The difference – not just in how much better you look, but also in how much better you feel can be like night and day. I recently worked with a client who had long hidden herself under layers of extra flesh, covered by layers of baggy clothes. Everyone agreed that she was a lovely woman with a warm heart and a good sense of humour – a real rock for all the family and in many ways the one who kept them all on track. As a young girl she’d been a real knockout and loved clothes and shopping. But after years in an abusive relationship she’d found a way to hide herself under that excess weight and those layers of clothes.Her hair, though long and thick, was tied back in a pony tail and she hadn’t seen a hairdresser in 4 years. By the end of the session she’d rediscovered her joie de vivre and was heading home to book her cut and colour that very week and swap her grey tinted, purple framed glasses for some with a warm tint and tortoiseshell frames. As for the muted mauve T shirt she came in? That would soon be replaced by shades of violet, aquamarine, leaf green and corn yellow. She said that her new colours made her feel happy and we all saw how they lit up her complexion and made her eyes stand out. I s this woman going to feel more confident and more able to deal with whatever life has in store for her? Most definitely! Can she be an inspiration to her children and others by looking good and having fun with her look, even on a tight budget? You bet!

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