“A Woman’s Work is Never Done”

“A woman’s work is never done”– a truism, yet true none the less! I was up at four when my husband set off to Germany and despite the knowledge that more sleep would be a sensible option, I chose instead to write my 800 word blog for the Huffington Post (I’m now a Huffpost blogger!) and email 13 personalised press releases about my book. So absorbed was I that I almost forgot the school run but my 13 year old is pretty good about getting ready once he’s up and his big brother cycles to school. So we made it in time for assembly and I hot-footed it back home to continue my juggling of life (house, dogwalking, laundry etc.) and work. Some days I struggle to come up with an answer when my husband asks “what have you been up to today?” but I’m so tired at the end of the day that my tendency to drop off to sleep whenever I sit down to watch TV has become a family joke! As I knelt in front of my dryer, attempting to extract from all its nooks and crannies  that repulsive soggy grey lint that stops it from working properly, I mentally ran through my “To Do list”. Washing in from line – tick, Supper cooked, washing up – tick, Powerpoint presentation prepared for the seminar I’m delivering tomorrow  -tick but wait a minute – I’ve still got a pile of ironing to do for my boys’ trip to their dad’s tomorrow and I haven’t prepared the feedback forms or printed out the workbooks for the seminar yet! It reminds me of the time when I was a single mum and run ragged with all the responsibility for everything. In the end you just have to prioritise. What are the three things (or just one, if you prefer) that I can do today that will make the most impact? I, for one, constantly need to remind myself what  – or rather who – I am working for. The answer is, of course, my family. So I hold my hands up and admit that I can’t do it all. My housework might slip, the ironing still needs doing and my work is piling up. But sometimes you just have to stand back for a minute and be grateful for everyone you have and all you have achieved, rather than dwelling on what’s still to do. Single mums: please take note!

“THE SINGLE MUM’S SURVIVAL GUIDE – How to Pick Up the Pieces and Build a Happy New Life” is available now on Amazon in eBook form and comes out as a paperback on 1st July. If you would like to order your free chapter of the book, please contact me in the form below.


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